The Expanding Universe of Accelerator Applications
L’expansion de l’univers des applications d’accélérateurs



The meeting program will consist of oral plenary sessions, oral parallel sessions, and interactive poster sessions.


  • Accelerator Facilities
    • planned facilities & future possibilities at present facilities
    • progress at facilities under construction
    • management strategies for accelerator facilities
  • Accelerator Design & Technology
    • Codes and models,
    • radiation shielding and dosimetry and residual activation
    • reliability analyses
    • prototyping
  • Material Research with Accelerators
    • new structural materials for fission and fusion reactors
    • effect of fast heavy ions on materials
    • investigations of materials for microelectronics with fast particles
    • structural and chemical analysis by low-energy nuclear methods at accelerators.
  • Accelerators in Life Sciences
    • hadron therapy
    • radiobiology
    • BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy)
    • biology with synchrotron radiation
  • Accelerators for ADS and ADS experiments
    • drivers of an experiment
    • large-scale demonstrators
    • industrial types and applications
  • High Power Proton Accelerators and High Power Spallation Targets
    • window and beam dump technologies
    • neutron spallation sources.
  • Accelerators for Monitoring the Environment
    • physical and chemical properties of the environment
    • history and art
    • safety and security.
  • Industrial Applications
    • Electron irradiation
    • X-ray conversion
    • Sterilization
    • Wear analyses
  • Nuclear Data
    • fission and fusion applications
    • photonuclear cross sections
    • nuclear models and applications
    • simulating nuclear reactions for calculations.
  • Accelerator production of radioisotopes
    • medical applications
    • geoscience applications


The AccApp topical meeting is dedicated to the worldwide accelerator and nuclear science communities, including operators, designers, users, and technologists. Attendance by young professionals is strongly encouraged. And representation from the industrial sector will be sought.