Organizational Committee

General Chair: Philip Cole (Professor, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID, USA)
General Co-Chair: Adriaan Buijs (McMaster University)

Technical Program Committee:

Program Chair: Philip Cole (Idaho State University)
Program Co-Chairs: Andrei Afanasev (George Washington University)
Blair Bromley (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
Benjamin Rouben (12 & 1 Consulting)

Publications Chair: Adriaan Buijs (McMaster University)

Topic Organizers:

  1. Accelerator Facilities
    1. Andrew Hutton (JLab)
    2. Kevin Jones (ORNL)
  2. Accelerator Design & Technology
    1. Peter Ostroumov (ANL)
    2. Yousry Gohar (ANL)
  3. Material Research with Accelerators
    1. Alexander Ryazanov (Kurchatov Institute)
    2. Benjamin Rouben (12 & 1 Consulting)
  4. Accelerators in Life Sciences
    1. Carol Johnstone (FNAL)
    2. Carmel Mothersill (McMaster University)
  5. Accelerators for ADS and ADS experiments
    1. Blair Bromley (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)
    2. François Méot (BNL)
  6. High-Power Accelerators and High-Power Spallation Targets
    1. John Galambos (ORNL)
    2. Eric Pitcher (ESS)
  7. Accelerators for Monitoring the Environment
    1. Aliz Simon (IAEA)
    2. Christian Segebade (retired – BAM)
  8. Industrial Applications
    1. Bob Hamm (R&M Technical Enterprise)
    2. Ross Radel (Phoenix Nuclear Labs)
  9. Nuclear Data
    1. Arjan Plompen (European Commission Joint Research Centre)
    2. Adriaan Buijs (McMaster University)
  10. Accelerator production of radioisotopes
    1. Valeriia Starovoitova (Niowave, Inc.)
    2. Suzanne Lapi (University of Alabama at Birmingham)