The Expanding Universe of Accelerator Applications
L’expansion de l’univers des applications d’accélérateurs


General Chair: Philip Cole, Idaho State University
General Co-Chair: Adriaan Buijs, McMaster University
Canadian Nuclear Society Contact: Benjamin Rouben, 12 & 1 Consulting
Technical Program Chair: Aliz Simon, International Atomic Energy Agency
Technical Program Co-Chair: Andrei Afanasev, George Washington University
Technical Program Co-Chair: Blair Bromley, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Publications Chair: Adriaan Buijs, McMaster University


Topic Organizers



1. Accelerator Facilities

  • Andrew Hutton (JLab)
  • Kevin Jones (ORNL)
2. Accelerator Design and Technology
  • Peter Ostroumov (MSU & ANL)
  • Yousry Gohar (ANL)
3. Material Research with Accelerators
  • Alexander Ryazanov (Kurchatov Institute)
  • Benjamin Rouben (12 & 1 Consulting)
4. Accelerators in the Life Sciences
  • Carol Johnston (FNAL)
  • Carmel Mothersill (McMaster University)
5. Accelerators for ADS and ADS experiments
  • Blair Bromley (Canadian Nuclear Labs)
  • François Méot (BNL)
6. High Power Proton Accelerators and  Spallation Targets
  • John Galambos (ORNL)
  • Eric Pitcher (LANL)
7. Accelerators for Monitoring the Environment
  • Ian Swainson (IAEA)
  • Christian Segebade (BML, retired)
8. Industrial Applications
  • Bob Hamm (R&M Tech)
  • Ross Radel (Phoenix Nuclear Labs)
9. Nuclear Data
  • Arjan Plompen (EC – JRC)
  • Adriaan Buijs (McMaster University)
10. Accelerator Production of Radioisotopes
  • Valeriia Starovoita (Niowave, Inc.)
  • Suzanne Lapi (University of Alabama)